Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra

Here is the Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra to get someone under your control and marry him.

ॐ नमः काम-देवाय। सहकल सहद्रश सहमसह लिए वन्हे धुनन जनममदर्शनं उत्कण्ठितं कुरु कुरु, दक्ष दक्षु-धर कुसुम-वाणेन हन हन स्वाहा।”

Om namah kamdevay sahkal sahdrash sahamsah liye vanhe dhunan janmamdarshanam utkanthitam kuru kuru, daksh dakshu dhar kusum vanen han han swaha.

विधि- कामदेव के उक्त मन्त्र को तीनों काल, एक-एक माला, एक मास तक जपे, तो सिद्ध हो जायेगा। प्रयोग करते समय जिसे देखकर जप करेंगे, वही वश में होगा।
Procedure: – Japa the above mantra in the morning, afternoon and evening 108 x 1 times each for one month to get it energized. When to use, just read to look at someone. He will be yours.
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37 comments on “Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra
  1. Neel kashmi kujur says:

    Guru ji, i love a boy very much. And he also loved me but now a days we are separate and i want to continue with him but he does not want. Please help me guru ji

  2. Maya Sarad says:

    I love to my couligue n he also was love me. But there was a women at my office. She is 12 years older than my boy friend. she creats always problem by false comments about me n she attach to my friend by telling her personal n marital problems. My friend loves me today also. There is only nominal conversation between us. Guruji I want my love back to me as soon as possible. Plz guide me what to do. Which mantra I can use and plz also explain the full method. This is a life threatening situation for me. Plz plz plz help me. I want to marry him in very short time.

    • Dear Maya Sarad, You are in a lot of hurry even while writing your problem. Well, the problem you have, can be sorted out by using Uchantan and Vashikaran with Kilan. It will make her go away from him forever and he will be coming to you as you want. Don’t worry. He will come back but these are not homely remedies as these all activities belong to Shamshani tantra process which is dangerous as well as costly. You are requested to contact us on whatsapp or on call as per the phone numbers given on : http://www.shabarmantraonline.com and we will guide you everything there.

  3. hitesh says:

    guruji please help me to get my love ….i m in love with a girl named jaya ….please tell what should i do so that she will fall in love with me ….jitna mai usse pyaar krta wo bhi mujhe kre ….i want to marry her

    • Dear Hitesh, to love someone is not bad but it seems as if you are trying to impose your love on her. This is not fair. Talk to her and try to know whether she is also agree. If yes, then proceed further otherwise go ahead in your life in search of someone else who understands and love you. This is not the end of life. Having wishes is not bad but you will have to move with time. Be Practical please.

  4. Guruji namast

    Mai ek bahut dukhi aurat hoon.pehle to mere pati ne ek prostitute ke saath rehne laga hy aur unki ek beti bhi ho gai hai.fir kuch din akele rehne ke baad mujhy ek dusre admi se behad pyaar hua .hum dono ne saath waqt bhi guzarne lage fir unke beech me dusri aurat aa gai jo unhe apne bas me karliya hy aur vo mujhse milna chahta hy magar vo us aurat se bahot zyada darta hy swamiji mai unka intezaar ajbhi karti hoon mujhe esi mantr aur upaay batao swaamijI ki vo sirf aur sirf mujhse pyar kare mere pyarme vo pagal ho jai .mere alava use koi aur na nazar aae vo sirf meri hi baat sune .vo bahot aurato ko pagal banata hy swamiji vo yahi intezaar me rehta hi ki aurat o ko vo shraab se loot sake
    Swamiji meri aapse yahi narmnivedan hai ki ap meri madat kare aur vo admi jiska naam hy bimlesh kant Sharma woh meri pyaar ke bas me ho

    AAPKI dukhit
    Saleshni devi

    • Na usne kami chhodi or na hi tumne. Wo bhi galat raste par gaya or tum bhi. Kaisi ajeeb baat hai ki tumhe apne pati ki galti dikhti hai apni nahi!!! Tumhara apna dimag kaha hai. Maryadaye bilkul hi shaitaan ko bech di!!! Kya bhavishay hai in rishto ka? kuchh nahi. ye sab time pass hain. Sirf vasnapurti ke liye. Inme achchha to kuchh bhi nahi hai. Ek taraf kahti ho wo aurato ko loot-ta hai or dusri taraf khud lutne ko tayyar baithi ho? Uski hi saari galti nahi hai. dono hatho se hi taali baj rahi hai or kasurwar sirf wo? Kya baat hai? Bilkul hi akal par paththhar pade hue hai tumhare. Wo to shaitaan hai or tum uski hi ban kar rahna chahti ho. Shaitaan kabhi kisi ka nahi hota. wo to shikaar dhundhta hai. Tum shaitaan ka shikaar hi ho rahi ho. Agar nikal sako to nikal jaao is buraai se. Apna time or dimaag kharaab mat karo. Pyar ke chakkar me khud ko hi lutwa rahi ho. Sex Object mat bano. Ye sab tyag kar ek achchhi Naari bano. Sahi raste par chalo. Sab kuchh theek hoga.

  5. shells says:

    Hi, I have a problem and I’m 25 years old. I have a friend with whom I was studying. We both have such a storng attraction that we couldn’t get away from each other. He’s 24 years old. We still trying to figure it out how can a normal friendship lead to such a situation. The problem is he has a girlfriend for 3 years. We both are aware of this. He says she has been his part of life and so he can’t leave her and he don’t even let me go. So is with me. Even after knowing his relationship. This highly immoral act we had indulged into. And with the guilt on cheating his gf. But still this guilt is not enough to take us apart. We’re so much into each other that we don’t find any way out of this. Very critical situation has lead us to unrestlessness. My kundali matches with him getting 28 points out of 36. And has a great compatibility. The real problem is our guilt and immorality onccheating and his innocent girlfriend. And yes we tried everything to forget and let go each other. Nothing worked. We want to stay together but can’t find the moral and ethical way. Please help me out from this critical situation.

    • Dear Shaily, the boy is just making you fool nothing else and you are moving in a great illusion of love and affection towards the boy. He wants you as well as her for his different means but your mind is not working in the way how is he taking advantage of you. In fact, he is very smart and intelligent but you are actually cheating yourself not to her girlfriend. Both of you are going against humanity and hence liable to be punished by nature very soon.
      My dear, try to come out of this illusion as soon as you can otherwise be ready for the slap of the reality. Time is the most powerful of all.

  6. vinod says:

    sir mujhe ek ladki se pure 4 sall se love hi or wo abhi bhi jawab nhi deti bs tall deti hi mai kya kru sir,,,,,,,,,,,, hindi me rply krna sir jee

    • Dear Vinod, kisi ladki se pyar karna bura nahi hota lekin isme us ladki ki bhi sahmati honi chahiye. Agar wo apki baat ko tal rahi hai to abhi is rishte me vaqt de…. prem se rahe, us se pyar se hi baat kare or ye janne ka prayas kare ki wo apke prati kya nazriya rakhti hai. Aamtaur par ladki jisse pyar karti hai usi se shaadi karna chahti hai lekin ladke shaadi ke bina hi saath rahna chahte hai, jo ki galat hai. Ladki apne aapko safe and secure haatho me dena chahti hai. Use samaj me izzat chahiye hoti hai… kal ko koi us par koi galat ilzaam na laga de… Naari in sab me kaafi sensitive hoti hai. Dusri baat aap hindi me jawab mange hai… is se saaf pata chalta hai ki aap English samajh nahi sakte… English aaj ke samay ke jarurat hai. Kamyabi me English apke best friend ki tarah kaam karti hai. Iske bina aap sahi mayne me kam se kam aaj ke jamane me kamyaab nahi ho sakte. Apni shiksha ko badhaaye, English sikhe… kamyab bane…. kewal pyar mohabbat se zindagi nahi chalti… ye sab bate kuchh din hi achhi lagti hai…. Jab shaadi ho jayege or bachche honge to Naani yaad aayegi…. isliye pahle khud ko kamyab banaao… phir apne mata pita ko rishta lekar uske ghar bhejo…. Izzat se use shaadi karke apne ghar laao… Khushi khushi apna jivan bitaao.

  7. Chetan says:

    Namaste Guruji…
    Am In love with one girl, Since from the First sight and I only saw her like 6 to 10 times from 5 five years and Am in truey in Love with her..Even in Sleep Sometimes I can See her in My dreams..
    And Always get In contact somehow..(Not actually meeting her) Some of my friend Gives information about her to me!!!
    I have good friend in life..So they always helping Me know about about her, She’s Smart-Beautifull, Intelligent, I mean I can’t explain in Words. She’s like another blessing from God to me..Everytime I saw her I love her more(seen only 10 maybe)..
    She’s not in relationship with anyone..So please help me..
    It will be greatest thing to me..Am in collage now but Can’t find her,only I saw her account on facebook..
    Nowdays am Preying to kamdev-mantra of, “om namo bhagwate kamdevy, yash yash duryo bhawami, yasch yasch mam sukh pachati, tam tam mohayatu swaha” Only for her..
    But tell me to exactey get her…attaintion..
    Now just going to start of turning point of my life and am trying make more successfull in Money and Education life only for her..
    &I will going to ask her anyhow I will fine her And proposed her & If she ignored me then I will never come in her ways again…
    But I truely love her…
    Is there anyother of God bhakti to get her attaintion or Am I doing wrong…???
    Help me guruji- I will honestey will (Aabhari) owe you…please help me

    • Dear Chetan, this is normal thinking of this age, you are going through. Though your thoughts are much inspired by love illusion but you are wrong somewhere also. Remember, loving someone is neither a crime nor a sin. She is leaving a powerful impact on your mind with her beauty and intelligence. In fact, you are going through a natural process inside you. Take it easy and meet her. Go directly to her and express your feelings before her amicably. Every female wants herself to be loved by someone in the way you love her. Your feelings are strong for her. So go ahead without any hesitation and know her perception. It may be a beautiful beginning of your life but please always be loyal to her. She will be always yours.
      In case, she does not accept your proposal, wait for some more time. Give her time to think upon it. If she is still not interested, then leaving this part of life, Move forward. This is not the end of life. Many beautiful moments and beauty queens are ahead. Just move and find one for you.

  8. Ramesh says:

    Is this mantra only for women attracting men?? Is there a different mantra for men to attract women?? Does this mantra need to be learnt from Guru directly .. Sorry for my silly questions

  9. Ramesh says:

    Can this mantra only be used by girls to control boys?? Is there different mantra for boys?? Does it require to be learnt from guru or can it be used directly.. Please reply guruji

  10. rahul patwa says:

    Guru ji
    I love a girl very much from 5 years and told her at the last day of school but….she rejected my proposal cuz she loves someone else who had cheated her also…
    I dont know what to do I love her really…

    • Dear Rahul, love cannot be created forcibly. If she has feelings for anybody else then you should not interfere in her way anyway. Always remember that it is not necessary that we will always get what we want. This is the decision of the supreme almighty by using nature and His illusion that guides you towards the right path. The nature has got you rejected from her because she (the nature of the Eternal being) has decided much better for you than that of you have taken. So wait for your turn and go ahead. Soon the Supreme almighty will bring a new and beautiful life for you. Wait for your time…. Jai Acharya Anandmani Rishi.

  11. susheela mare says:

    guruji i a married lady my husband used to love me a lot but something is wrong my husband is having an affair with some other women please help me now a days he beats me a lot he dosent give me money also meri jindagi narak bana di he mere pati ne

    • Dear sushila, your husband is doing wrong. He should be responsible for you and his family but he has gone mad after that lady. His love is centered on that lady only, so he behaves bad with you. It is necessary to break that love illusion. Please use the second mantra given at: http://www.shabarmantraonline.com/uchatan-mantra and you will make this mantra energized at the night of 14 October 2013. Use of the mantra is also given thereby.
      You can also use the mantra :|| ॐ गं गणपतये नमः शत्रोः उच्चाटनं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ॐ || to make the other lady go away from him. Procedure: – Before reading this mantra meditate OM for 2 minutes and say your wish to God. Then start chanting this mantra. Read this mantra 108 times daily in the morning keeping your enemy in mind and her destruction. Do this mantra as many days as you can untill the time you get the result. Soon you will see the effect in your favor.
      Jai Acharya Anandmani Rishi.

  12. ilyanna says:

    I have been loving a guy for the past 7 years. The first 5 yrs he did not confess his “love” for me but has been very much into the relationship. He would call me daily. I thought there was an age problem..we have around 13 yrs gap.. i couldnt let go of him as there has always been a strong bond binding us. In 2007 we had some relatives issue..he didnt appreciate anyone knowing about our “date” although my parents were fully aware. We didnt keep in touch for a few months.. then back again! He never called it an official relationship. Some prob arouse in 2010 n he didnt keep in touch at all. Oh by the way he is a secondary teachr! In 2010 only i was “raped” by another guy. Yet i loved the teacher. We werent in touch for 2 yrs. I got engaged to that guy who raped me end of 2011.. and my parents realised that he was a bad guy beginning of 2012 and called off the engagement. None of my parents know abt the raping thing. In 2012 only.. finally in 2012 only i got my PR and moved to Canada with my family. Before leaving i called the teacher once..i wanted him to know about my rape thing..and to know yet i still love him. He suprisingly answered my call and we met before my departure, where he told me “i loved u all those years..love is such a mystery. I couldnt say anything and u went through all that..but fly abroad..we will meet soon..”.. i immigrated in canada and i promised him to visit him in less than a year. We were so close..i almost felt like a dream come true. We were in touch almost everyday. This year..in May i visited him as promised for a month and a half. During my stay in my home country..he had been the best boyfriend, as always. I spent days n nights by his side for the whole month.. well frankly he even kissed me..and we made out. Like we became really intimated. He always said..he would never get married..and its not that important in his religion. I didnt ever care about it. For my family and i, he was perfect. We spent days n nights talking about his application to immigrate here.. but the thing is that… its been almost 5 months since i cane back from my country..and ever since..he doesnt want to reply my msgs.. he has always been very strange..but kind.. i knew him mature and bold..but since 5 months he dsnt answer my txts..doesnt care coming online..i havent seen his face for more than 4 months.. his only xcuse is ” am stuck these days..n tired after work”.. i know n we all do, that its not true.. i tried even asking if he wants to breakup..its neither a yes nor a NO. I talked to him today..strangely.. he answered..i asked about “werw u pretending all that time”? He replied in a diplomatic way as usual “i lived those moments….i was living in the present. Today am living in the present as well. I dont think of the past or the future. What matters is the present”.He didnt even aoply for canada yet. I want him as loving n caring back.. i dont know if any mantra can be said n performed to drag him back to me? Is there any way that i can perform a mantra for him to change his mind and think about getting married as well? My priority is having him back! I dont want to lose him..i feel how strong this bond is. I fail to express myself usually, n am starting to go through depression. Today am turning towarda you for help. If you could please give me a good mantra? Something that wont take much time. Please? Thank you so much. I appreciate your time n consideration.

    • ilyanna says:

      I should add referring to ur previous commnts: making out is acceptable before marriage in our country. I hope to get a vashikaran mantra or solution soon from you. Frankly i have no idea if another lady crossed his path during my absence….but i need a solution. Thanks.

    • Dear ilyanna, it is really sad what happened with you. you know, sometimes nature bring us on such a crossing with regard to reality or sudden changes that it becomes very difficult for us to choose the right way. Well, it is clear by your message that you are in true love with that guy and it was also really very bad what you had to go through. As far as we could get from your message it seems as if he is bounded by time anywhere or stuck in some odd circumstances. It also seems as if you may lose him as the boy is pretending to be something else from what he really is not. It is clear that this is necessary to bind his mind and he will have to made with you as earlier and as you want. You know, your feelings for him are very pure. In fact, he is lucky guy that he has found someone like you who loves him a lot. Well, all these things are a part of life and we have to manage it. you are suggested to read Baglamukhi Vashikaran mantra given at: http://blog.shabarmantraonline.com/vashikaran/comment-page-2/#comments and use the name of that guy before the word ‘vashikuru’. you will be getting success soon.

  13. Prince says:

    sir tell me about this ..vashikaran . because i really need it plzzz . guruji i have a problm that i have a girlfriend but now i m in love with her friend .. what should i do … she is attracting me very much ..plz help me ..

    • Dear Prince, first you are cheating to your girlfriend and second you even do not know what do you actually want. Attraction is not love. Love is a beautiful feeling and gift of God to us. Love is not having sex or to complete your physical needs anyway. In fact, you do not know what is love? You are just wandering in the world of illusion of beauty. And somehow if it is true that you are in love with her friend, what is her fault? Why shall she bear “heart-broken” for your mistake? My dear, talk to your girlfriend first about it about your feelings towards her friend. If she has no objection about it then you should express your love to her friend in question. But what we want to say you is “Be loyal first”. God knows what you want. Go on the right path. You will get success.

  14. SOHINE BISWAS says:

    respected guruji,

    i love a boy name rahul makin for 3 years.he also love me and we have a physical relation.but last 4 month he did not want to tlk withy me and also nt receaving my call.he leaves in daradoon for job.some freinds of him console some negative wards against me which is not correct and he also know that himself but cant understand it.

    please guruji i cant leave without him.i feel very lost and helpless.please help me to gate back him.i have onlt hope on you.

    • Dear Sohine biswas, remember one thing in your mind always. A boy, who gets everything from a girl before marriage, never gets married with her. Though exceptions are also there but this can be taken as one of the rare of rarest cases. Generally, the boy will not marry with the girl. And the boys have such kind of nature. This is male nature. they will give you beautiful promises and when time will come to keep them, they will make many excuses like our caste is not same, our parents will not agree, you are not as I wanted or they will be after someone else.
      In such cases, powerful vashikaran works but it should be kept in mind that this is also a kind of hit and trial. luck always matters. You can use Baglamukhi vashikaran mantra given at: http://blog.shabarmantraonline.com/vashikaran/comment-page-2/#comments for bring your wish come true. All the best!

  15. Satish says:

    Baba main ek ladki se bahut pyaar karta hu aur Vo meri classmate hai aur main sir usi se shadi karna chahta hu.mujhe hamesh vahi dikhayi deti hai charo taraf .baba ji Main kya karu kuchh upay bataye.

    • Dear satish, where is the problem in this query? you love a girl– not a problem. she is your classmate– not a problem. you want to marry her — not a problem. You see her everywhere around you — not a problem but nature. Upay kis baat ka batau, koi problem to ho? In sabhi baaton me samasya kis baat me hai. Please tell clearly what is the problem and where? then we will guide you more about that. May God bless you!

  16. seema yadav says:

    Please give me mantra to get my husband back. It was love marriage and when my in laws knew about it they separate US please help me to get my husband back

  17. Sameer says:

    Sir please mujhe is mantar ke bare me detail me btaiye me cigrate pita hu to agar me in mantar ka jaap kru to kya mujhe cigrate vgera chhodni pdegi.

    • Dear Sameer, please clarify which mantra you are asking about. Further, Smoking cigarettes and chanting a mantra are quite different. why are making them mixed with each other. Do the one thing at one time and other at other time. Though it is always advisable to stay away from smoking as this is injurious to health.

  18. SUMAN says:

    I am 23 years boys want to make relation with a Bhabhi near my home

    please tell me procedure than she ready for sleep with me

  19. rocky says:

    Respected Guru ji

    From past 7 years i love one girl her name parul i love her alot she also love me but from past 3 years she was go away when ever i try to talk she refuse i’m very tensed. By this i don’t want to live. Khud kha ke mein usse pyar karta hoon khud meri zindagi mein aayi aur khud hi door ho gayi samjh nahin aa raha kya karoon.
    Aapke paas koi rasta ho to mujhe wo rasta dikhaye.

    Zindagi bhar aapka aabhari rahoonga agar wo meri zindagi mein lote aaye to aapki badi kripa hogi.

  20. shojol says:

    i like one girl hes vasihkaran………..plesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

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