Vashikaran Mantra

Vashikaran mantra is generally used to control someone. If you love someone and want to get him back or under your control, you can use a vashikaran mantra to do so but always remember that the vashikaran mantra or any love spell should not be used for wrong purposes. Each and every mantra is related to a supernatural power and every supernatural power or a god or goddess or any Might has his/her nature. One may be cruel and another one may be pitiful. So never misuse them as it may be harmful for you too.

Kamdev mantra for vashikaran
“ॐ नमः काम-देवाय। सहकल सहद्रश सहमसह लिए वन्हे धुनन जनममदर्शनं उत्कण्ठितं कुरु कुरु, दक्ष दक्षु-धर कुसुम-वाणेन हन हन स्वाहा।”

विधि- कामदेव के उक्त मन्त्र को तीनों काल, एक-एक माला, एक मास तक जपे, तो सिद्ध हो जायेगा। प्रयोग करते समय जिसे देखकर जप करेंगे, वही वश में होगा।
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8 comments on “Vashikaran Mantra
  1. slk says:

    Hello sir.. sir I have lost my love almost 1.5 yr back. I really want him in my life. Can you please analyse my case and suggest me something. Mine dob is 2nd aug 1987.
    time – 2:30 am
    Place – bulandshehr (Uttar pradesh)
    His name – Atul kumar sehgal
    Dob – 31st aug 1988
    Time – 9:25 pm
    Place – faridabad (haryana)
    I have shared photos on watsap

    • Dear Vineeta, As per the information you have provided, you have met this boy two births ago. both of you were in love with each other but could not marry. Due to the rule of Nature of Love-Illusion, you met him again in this birth at an appropriate point of time but at the same time, the curse on him by a male from his last birth got activated and he went away. One has to pay for what he has done in the past.
      Now we comes on the solution, If you want to get him as your husband, it is necessary to get him out of that curse which is a tantra process. You may get success as the time of that curse has already gone. It got ended in Oct. 2013 and the way is open now. But before that, it worked and you had to face the situation of break up from him.
      You are requested to email us directly on to know more about it as those kind of rituals cannot be told publicly. Wish you all the best!

  2. hitesh says:

    guruji i am in love with a girl …i want to marry her …please tel me so that she will also love the way i love her …kuch aisa upaay btado jisse wo mujhpr bharosa kare nd mere se waise hi pyar kre jaise mai usse krta hun…please help me

    • Dear Hitesh, to love someone is not bad but to impose our love on someone is not good. Further, you have not mentioned why does she not like you? Have you ever tried to talk or convince her? If yes, what was her reply? and if no, then do it first AND first of all win her believe in you. Always remember that one has his/her kinds of feeling for someone. WE cannot impose our thinking on somebody. Please make the clarification first of questions as asked so that you may be guided rightly.

  3. anu says:

    Guru ji mein ek ladke se pyar karti hu hum dono 3 sal se sath hai aaj jab uska selection ho to usne mera sath chhor diya uske kahne per meine apne gherwalo ko hamari shadi k liye bahut muskil se raji kiya lekin wo apne gherwalo ko raji nai kar paya aur un logo k kahne per kisi aur se shadi tay kar li aur mujhse bataya bi nai aur mere sath normally bat karta raha abi January mein uski engagement hone k bad mujhe pta chala mein aur mera pariwar bahut dukhi hai mein uske bina nai jee sakti plz mera pyar laa dijiye uske maa papa a lalach ne hum dono ki life barbad kar di please guru ji meri help kar dijiye mein pagal ho jaugi uske bina jab se unki engagement ka pta chala mujhe need nai aati mere gherwale bi meri is condition ko dekh kar paresan ho gae hai please help me

  4. aaa says:

    Namaste Guruji,

    I am 34 I am going through a very rough phase right now which i never expected in my life. I will tell u what exactly is happening please read the entire thing

    I was very much happy till 2007. In the year 2007 I got engaged to a girl (Shal) that was in may 2007 and our wedding was planed in january 2008. However in Dec 2007 I realized that I dont love her and it will be a compromise so I told my parents that I dont want to get married to this girl (Shal) but they said now u can not say no to the wedding think about the girls life. so I got married with no interest.

    Latter in June 2009 I meet a girl in my office who is a christian (clari) and we both started loving each other. she was aware that I am married and soon I will become a father as my so called wife was expecting. In november 2009 my daughter was born. however when i started my relation with this christian girl(clari) I had decided that I will divorce my wife plus I never even touched my wife as I did not want to break the promise given to the love of my life(clari). We both (clari & i) use to love each other like any thing.

    In March 2013 I lost my Job and was looking for the new job since I did not find one I thought of starting a small business and will grow it so that I can give all the happiness to my love(clari). so started with a small business in June. In june 2013 itself I also got divorced and was excited that finally I will be able to marry my love (Clari). But in July I dont know what happen to her(Clari) she started going away from me infect she started going away from me from April itself that is after her birthday as she bought a new mobile phone.

    On 31st July she left me completely and she said I am going. She said because she started liking some one else. I dont understand how is this possible that after 4 years of such a nice relation she is gone. Because of this shock I was lost control on my self and I had to even shut down my business that I had started for her also I made a huge loss in it. Now since I am trying to find a new job I am not getting it. i am completely out of cash as I have approached few of pandits and Babas but there was no result but lost my money.

    I know Guruji that what ever I did with my wife and my kid was not right. I am feeling bad for it. But now it is not possible for me to rectify that mistake ever in my life as it is past also my wife and my kid doesn’t deserve a person like me. Now I am thinking of my present and future. I dont want to live such a life where I dont have the love of my life(clari) and no income at all. Please help me I want her(clari) back in my life for ever otherwise I will not be able to live without her. Also please help me how can I get a job for the same position that I was on. Please provide me with any mantras and solutions. You are my last hope.

    Also Guruji none of our common friends are ready to help me. Please suggest me a way through which I can do vashikarn or anyother thing on her and get back with me so that I can marry her and live a happy life. Also a way through which I can get a desired job at the earliest. I will be waiting for your email with some solution. If there is any fee associated I will able to pay only when I get my job. Please help as I am losing my hope to live.

  5. gul says:

    swami ji me boht tension me houn mere liye jeeney or marne ki situation he har pal har jis se pyaar karti houn jis se shaadi karna chahti houn .. uskey or mere beech main achanak se sakht doori aagai he uskey cuzan or mere beech men kuch kaha suni hogai thi uska cuzan boht badtameez thaa . tou us k cuzan ne mujhey bola k ab tujhey men iski life se nikaal kar rahunga or phir mene insecurity men apne lover ko bhi boht suna di . usey cuzan ki or meri fight k bare me kuch bhi pta nahi thaa tou mene use bhi insecure ho kar pyaar me suna di or . wo din he or aaj ka din he meri mere lover se ek baar baat hui to wo bhi ho na ho saki kuch problem ki waja se or aaj tak baat nahi hui hamari .wo or uski poori family mujhse naraz he. jab k meri koi aisi ghalti bhi nahi he. k wo mujhse aise naraz houn. wo bolta he k mene usey dhoka diya he jab k swami ji me aisi nahi houn me uske siwa kisi se baat bhi nahi ki … uska dil itna sakht kese hogaya wo ek pal mere bagher nahi rehta thaa , or aaj itna arsaa hogaya mere laakh mafi mangne per bhi wo mujhe maaf nahi kar raha or me chahti houn k bas ek baar uske dil mein mera pyaar phir se paida hojaey kiyoun k me us k bagher ji nahi sakti wo mujhe har haal me wapas chahiye kisi bhi qeemat per.mujhe usi se shadi karni he or kisi se bhi nahi.. meri haalat boht khrab he .. nahi reh sakti me us k bagher.uska jo dil itna sakht hogaya he or jo mere bare me ghlat fehmi he usey wo khtam hojaey or us k dil me mere pyaar ki aag lag jaey jis se wo mujhe khud hi contact kare mujhse baat kare wapas aajaey meri life men.or meri shadi bhi usi se ho..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. swami ji plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. us ka dil meri taraf khud hi khichaa chalaa aaey kuch aisa btaen meri help Karen.. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Dear Gul, gaya vaqt kabhi vapas nahi aata. Apki baaton se saaf tour par zahir hai ki aap abhi mature nahi hai. apke faisle immaturity se liye jaaten hai. Jo huva, wah sab sahi nahi tha. Apki baaten bhi gol mol hai. Apne nahi bataya ki uske cousin se apka kis baat ko lekar jhagda hua tha? Aapne ladke ko bhi suna di. Kuchh karne se pahle thoda bahut sochte hain. Koi bhi ladka kisi bhi ladaai jhagda karne wali ladki se shaadi nahi karega. Use patni chahiye, roz roz ka kalesh nahi. Jo ladki shaadi se pahle aisa bartav karti hai wo shaadi ke baad to jeena haraam karke rakhegi. Waise bhi aajkal kaanun auraton ki taraf hai chahe wo galat ho ya sahi. Isliye koi bhi ladka aisi kisi bhi ladki ko pasand nahi karega jaisa aapne kiya. Unke maa baap ko ghar me bahu laani hai, ladaai jhagda karne wali ya ghar ka mahoul kharaab karne wali aurat nahi. Ghar ka satyanash nahi karna unhone. Ho sakta hai tum sahi ho par tumne apni image ko unki nazron me hamesha ki liye kharab kar diya. Unke dimag me tumhari image ek jhagdaalu aurat ki ban chuki hai. ise sudharna itna asaan nahi hai. Behtar hai, vaqt na gawaten huye, aage badha jaye. Jo huwa use ek bura sapna samjhkar bhul jaye. Aage badhne ke liye Ateet se bahar aana behad jaruri hai.
      Us ladke ka moh tyag kar aage badho aur aisi galti kabhi mat karna. Be polite and calm. Your way of talking should be always up to mark. Meditate and worship OM. everything will be good. May God bless you with happiness in your life!

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